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Uncle Goose ABC Blocks with Maple Box

2 New Storage Options from Uncle Goose

Your Uncle Goose is introducing two new storage product options in October 2021:

1. Legacy ABC Blocks with Maple Box. Comes with 32 Classic ABC blocks and 32 Classic Lowercase ABC Blocks in a Maple Box you can have engraved.

Uncle Goose ABC Blocks with Maple Box


2. Alphablank Blocks with Crate. Comes with a total of 64 Uncle Goose Alphablank blocks, a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters. 

Uncle Goose Alphablank ABC Blocks with Crate


Picking up toys and storing them is all part of learning and play. Boxes, bags, crates, and wagons help children learn to organize and practice tidiness.

It's a classic story: you buy a toy as a present for a child, and they fall in love with the box. It happens all the time.

That’s because in a child’s hands, the container can become every bit as much fun as the toy. Children are creative geniuses. They’ll use what they have at hand to play and learn.

So in the spirit of fun, creativity, and imagination: your Uncle Goose created two new storage options. We’re fully aware how boxes, bags, and crates can easily become toys.

32 block wagon

Our toy wagons, for example, are perennial top sellers. It’s not just that people like owning a vehicle that’s 100% Made in the USA: children use the wagon for play. They might haul blocks or other toys with a wagon, or even use it as a space ship. Our 28 block wagon or 32 block wagon are versatile. They’re both elegant ways to transport, store, and display classic toys.

Uncle Goose Canvas Bag

Other customers are fond of the softness of the Uncle Goose Canvas Bag as a storage option. On more than one occasion, our Canvas Bag, with its handsome Uncle Goose logo, becomes a magic carpet or a superhero cape.

Upscale Orange Box

Still others delight in the color and sturdiness of the Uncle Goose Upscale Orange Box. By far, it’s our most vibrant and colorful storage option.

Everything must have its place. Make space for the toys you love. You don’t want to trip or stumble on toys you’ve left laying around. And you don’t want to lose your toys, either. Learn to store them properly and keep them safe.

Boxes, bags, crates, trays, or wagons: which storage options will you choose? And what will each option become in a child’s imagination?