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Uncle Goose Blocks

What will you write on your holiday gift cards this year?

Ordering holiday gifts early is the 2021 thing to do. While your Uncle Goose anticipates working right up until December 24 — that’s not an ideal time to place your holiday gift order.

So do yourself a favor. Order early this year, won’t you?

Really early.

Like, now.

Now would be good.

Because like you, we’re reading the headlines. “Expect shipping delays. Expect supply chain disruptions.”

Oh, dear. 

Waiting until the last second is generally a bad idea. This year, it might be worse than ever.

Play it safe. Order early.

Merry Maker Blocks

Now, we realize that hiding fun toys in your home for an extra month or two may be a bit of a strain. After all, who doesn’t want to rip into a new toy and start playing with it right away?

Easy, baby, easy. You’ll have to show some restraint when you get your gifts. Hide your holiday gifts for a while. That way, you won’t see them: and children won’t be able to find them.

May we suggest using our gift wrap service when you place an order? When toys are wrapped up nice & pretty, they serve as their own form of decor.

Holiday gift wrap

Wrapping also makes it difficult to guess what’s inside the packages. When you put gifts on display, curious children can try to guess by weight and shape. However, there’s not much noise if they shake it.

Another thing you’ll want to do: get a personalized, handwritten message with your gift. One option for a message:


But that message can only work if the recipient’s name is Rachel, probably. And if Rachel’s Mom and Dad know their daughter really well.

That’s why you’ll have to use your imagination for crafting a short message on your gift. The message serves as a welcome reminder about who the gift is for - and when it can be opened.

We’re happy to handwrite your message on an Uncle Goose gift. We’re artisans and craftspeople, and we know the importance of clear, careful handwriting to create a personal touch.

If you need a little help getting started with a personalized message, here are 15 quick thought starters.

1. Merry Christmas!
2. I hope you have fun playing!
3. You’re out of this world!
4. Feliz Navidad!
5. We love you
6. We wish we could be with you
6. Merry Christmas AND Happy Hanukkah!
7. Do not open until (date)
8. We can’t wait to see you again!
9. Happy Hanukkah!
10. Happy Holidays!
11. Joyeux Noël!
12. Happy Birthday!
13. Congratulations on another trip around the sun!
14. Feliz Natal!
15. Can you spell "I LOVE YOU?"

We gleaned these snippets & starters from last year’s holiday packages. Most are timeless classics. Use them as thought starters for your own gift cards, or come up with your own unique message.

But above all else: order early this year if you want to get your gifts on time for a happy holiday. Thanks!