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Uncle Goose Gift Wrap

Four New Custom Gift Wrap Options from Uncle Goose

Our Uncle Goose Wood Grain and Polka Dot gift wraps are popular with customers. Our gift wrap uses recycled paper, and yet it feels and looks lush.

We also hand write each card with our best penmanship. No typing or word processing! That way, each gift gets that handcrafted, personal touch.

Each of our custom gift wrap designs is unique to Uncle Goose. That way, your Uncle Goose gift stands out as something special.

And now, we’re introducing 4 more unique gift wrap and 3 new card designs! Check these out:

Gift wrap stork card hello

1. Baby Gift Wrap. In European folklore, storks deliver babies. This design plays on that ancient legend. It features white storks delivering green and orange baby bundles. Don't forget to greet the new arrival with a new "hello" card. 

Mod Gift Wrap with stork card

2. Mod Gift Wrap. When you want a gift to stand out, go wild with color and shapes. This Bauhaus-inspired design pops with color and geometric patterns. Say "welcome baby" with the new Uncle Goose stork card.

Constellations gift wrap with moon phase card

3. Constellations Gift Wrap. A gift wrap so heavenly, you’ll pause to reflect before tearing it up to see what’s inside. See the stars in a dark blue sky kissed by rosy sunset. Perhaps you'll pair this gift with our all-new moon phase card!

gift wrap alphabet soup

4. Alphabet Soup Gift Wrap. Smile if you like animal crackers in your alphabet soup. We paired two childhood taste treats in a playful design. You can select any of our new cards to go with this gift wrap. And you can choose from any of our classic designs, as well. 

You now have six options for gift wrap, plus three new card options! Mix and match until your heart is content.

Which will be your favorite card/gift combination?