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Uncle Goose Lights, Camera, Action! ABC Blocks

New Toy! Featuring Fun for Film Fans!

Do you like grainy, black & white films? Then you’ll love our latest release. Lights, Camera, Action ABC Blocks are our new summer blockbuster! 

These alphabet blocks feature film noir styling on woodgrain & black blocks. You’ll find more than two complete alphabets with this 14-piece film-inspired set. Two sides feature embossed letters, and two more sides have printed letters.

Lights, Camera, Action ABC Blocks

Film fans can also enjoy counting down from 14 to 1. Each block also features a classic film icon. Can you guess the movie or movie genre it represents?

See the iconography of genres like Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Superhero, Thriller — and more! But why did your Uncle Goose create this film-inspired alphabet block set?

Uncle Goose Film ABC Blocks

Because we’re fascinated with films. And so are you.

Films make us feel. We may love one film, yet hate another. We may be terrified, thrilled, or amused. We may even feel indifferent or bored by some.

But what drives all these different emotions? Why does going to the movies make us feel the way we do?

Uncle Goose Movies ABC Blocks

Go behind the scenes. Have fun exploring the font styles, archetypes, and iconography of classic films.

Sort, stack, and organize. Display and discuss. Enjoy the rich, emotional, full-bodied experience of film!