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Uncle Goose ABC Blocks

Other than blocks, what else in your home is 1.75 inches?

Uncle Goose blocks are 1.75 inch cubes. It’s an ideal size for children. Easy for small hands to grasp, impossible for even the biggest mouths to swallow.

So when one customer wrote to ask us the size of our blocks, we said as much. The size information - 1.75 inch cubes - is on every wooden block product page on our website. It’s also on our Amazon sales pages.

But we keep getting the “how big” question from online customers — a lot! It strikes us that writing “1.75 inch cubes” may not be entirely helpful.

As one future customer put it: “but exactly how big is 1.75 inches????”

It seems that some customers need to know more than an exact measurement. They also need a reference to something concrete and familiar.

But the problem is: there are very few common household objects that are 1.75 inch cubes! Alphabet blocks are somewhat unique in that respect.

If you do a Google search, you’ll find all kinds of things that are 2 inches. It’s pretty much a standard. But there aren’t many that are 1.75!

So we started asking ourselves: what else is 1.75 inches that people are familiar with? We looked around. It’s a great size for children, but it really isn’t all that common in a world built for adults.

The closest thing we found was a AAA battery. If you count the little nub at the positive end, a triple A battery is exactly 1.75 inches. So if you need a frame of reference to judge the size of an Uncle Goose block, you can think of a AAA battery for height, width, and depth.

But imagining how to cube something can be difficult for people to visualize. And we don’t want people to think they need batteries to operate wooden blocks! So we tried to find another concrete yet familiar example of the concept of 1.75 inches.

The next thing we found was a golf ball. It’s a little smaller than an Uncle Goose block, though. A golf ball is 1.68 inches. And it’s round, not a cube — which might confuse people.

We also looked in our coin dish. Not much luck there. The closest we could find is two nickels. One nickel is 0.835 inches. Two nickels, side by side, are 1.67 inches. That’s even smaller than a golf ball. It’s close — but still not quite right.

At the moment, the best we can do is snap a comparison photo as a size reference guide. If you find something common in your house that’s exactly 1.75 inches, let us know!

Until then, why not appreciate that you have something rare in your home? Put some Uncle Goose blocks in your hands, and celebrate the unique quantity that is the 1.75!