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Uncle Goose Bug Blocks

Do Blocks and Squares Exist in Nature?

Take a look around you. Count how many things with right angles you can observe. Are those things natural objects, or did a human being make them?

Chances are, a human made all the right-angled objects you counted. If you see something with a straight line and a ninety degree angle: a human created it.

That’s because few square-shaped objects occur in nature. Oh, sure. Some things are square. Take salt, for example. Look at some table salt through a microscope, and you’ll see those little grains are actually cubes.

But for the most part, the square objects you see around you will all be human innovations. So much of what humans build, create, and conceptualize is based on a straight line with a ninety degree angle intersecting it.

Gaggle Grousers

Humans create streets and divide cities into blocks. Many of our buildings are based on block shapes. Our buildings also have windows, doors, and walls with ninety degree angles. Our furniture? Our books? The paintings we hang on our walls? More right angles.

Our technology? You’re looking at a screen right now. Computers, phones, TVs — all have square-shaped portals for viewing the world.

And it’s not just physical things that are based on squares. Our mental processes for organizing thoughts are often based on blocks. We create graphs and bar charts. Even our concept of 3D space is plotted on an XYZ axis.

Future human innovations will also be square shaped. Block chain? It’s got the word “block” right in it!

Gaggle Grousers

Cubes and squares: it’s how humans organize our world. Our entire civilization is based on the near-ubiquitous ninety degree angle.

And yet, your Uncle Goose saws blocks from a 100% natural ingredient: wood. To be precise, we make our blocks from sustainable, fast-growing basswood.

Therefore, Uncle Goose blocks are both natural and unnatural at the same time! We embrace the dissonance of embodying two completely opposite things at once. What could be more natural — and unnatural — than playing with blocks?

Blocks are fundamental to human civilization. Sorting, stacking, and organizing: creating, socializing, and destroying. Playing with blocks help children learn to successfully navigate, organize, and socialize in our 3D world.

Take another look around you. How many square-based objects can you see all around you, both inside and out?

Learn to appreciate the naturally unnatural beauty of right-angled objects and concepts!