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Uncle Goose Mars Landing

Six crazy ways to play on Mars

It’s no secret that your Uncle Goose loves space exploration. Along with our Classic ABC blocks, we also make Planet Blocks, Moon Phase Blocks, Constellation Blocks, Planet Rollers, and Planet Tiles.

So of course we felt excited when Perseverance touched down on Mars. Toy production may or may not have stopped for a few moments while we watched the historic landing in February.

But now, we’re back to work. Really. Which for us, of course, means we’re back to play.

After feeling inspired by watching Perseverance land, we wanted to know how many ways we could use Uncle Goose toys to play on Mars. Turns out, there are plenty of ways for us to be playful Martians.

We could go on forever. But here are just 6 crazy ways we can all play on Mars:

1. Travel Back in Time
Did you know that the Ancient Romans named the month of March after the Roman God Mars? It seemed fitting that we take this God of War from our Greek Mythology Set and send him to outer space. How? Lets explore creative play idea number two…

Mars is Ares in the Greek Mythology Set

2. Send Mars into Space
Ask any child. With a little imagination, any Uncle Goose wagon can easily be transformed into a rocket. And that rocket? It can also become a rover…or any other vehicle you wish. We plan to send the Mars Block into space on our 32-piece wagon.

32 piece wagon by Uncle Goose

3. M is for Mars
When you explore Mars on your wagon-rover, you’ll want to send messages back to earth. Be sure to load some letters in your wagon spacecraft. Happily, Mars is the easiest planet to spell. It’s only four letters and one syllable. And it sounds exactly like it’s spelled.

M is for Mars Rover

4. Make Mars Social
It can get lonely in outer space. Why not bring some toys for the trip? Or take some friends along for the ride? There’s no reason you can’t invite your other toys with you. We took a dog from our Cubelings block set, along with his papercraft dog house.

Cubelings Dog and Papercraft House

5. Build on Mars
Was there ever life on Mars? That’s what Perseverance intends to discover. When our own wagon lands on Mars, it might be fun to pretend we can live there. So we packed some Gosling Square blocks to build a colorful Martian home on the Red Planet.

Gosling Square on Mars

6. Land on Mars
There are so many ways to land your wagon space craft on Mars. We used a drone to lower our wagon next to our Planet Roller of Mars. Of course, it’s all figurative. But using your imagination is what makes open play fun!

Mars Planet Roller

These are just six crazy ways to play on Mars. What other ways can you dream up? How many different ways will you use your imagination to play on Mars?