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5 Frantic Questions About Ordering Uncle Goose Blocks Online

Let’s face it: 2020 was one wild year. Thanks for keeping your Uncle Goose so busy! 

In the midst of the mayhem, we received an abundance of calls and emails. Many people seemed frantic.

We get it. It’s a pandemic. People have all kinds of concerns that hadn’t popped up before.

And while the pandemic is still ongoing, many people seem to be settling down a bit now. The influx of frantic questions has calmed.

Other than “Why Isn’t Kamala Harris on the Women Who Dared Block set?” — here are our top five frantic questions that we received in the last few months of 2020.

1. My package from Uncle Goose is stuck at a USPS facility. I’m tracking it. It’s been there for days. It’s not moving. Can you make it go faster?

Upscale Orange Storage Box

Not surprisingly, the answer is NO. We can’t make the post office deliver your package faster.

When we put a package into the hands of the United States Postal Service, it’s literally out of our hands! Giving a package to the USPS is almost the same as us handing it to you.

If the Post Office doesn’t deliver a letter or package that’s addressed to you in a timely matter, take a look at the current events. In 2020, the news was littered with reports of postal service slowdowns.

Beware: the same is holding true in 2021. (We're just as sad about this as you are.)

2. OK, but I called the Post Office several times. And still, they refused to drop everything and expedite my order. Can you help?

Upscale orange box

Sorry, but it’s the same answer. Again, no.

We don’t recommend calling the post office multiple times when they’re already overwhelmed and in chaos. That’s only going to take up more time and resources. Our interference will likely further delay your package.

If you’re concerned about shipping delays, try ordering early.

3. Why is overseas shipping so expensive?

Arabic Blocks

We charge customers whatever the carrier charges us. We're not in charge of what carriers charge.

Our guess? Blocks are heavy. It costs more to ship heavy items than light items.

Also: expense is relative. What seems expensive to one person can be a bargain to another.

4. The bottom of your website says “© UNCLE GOOSE 1983 - 2020” - is that like a headstone? Are you going out of business in 2021???

Groovie Ghoulies

Uh, no. Your Uncle Goose is alive and well. 

What you're seeing is a copyright notice. It can only include the years in which we’ve created copyrighted content.

A copyright notice is pretty standard, boilerplate stuff. You can find it at the bottom of just about any commercial website.

Thank you for taking the time to read everything on our site to the very end, though. And thank you for caring!

5. My blocks aren’t perfectly uniform. There are variations in color. The wood grain isn’t consistent from block to block.

Fossil Blocks

Part of joy wooden blocks is that they’re a natural product. Wood is far from uniform. If the grain or color on one block looks different than it does on another block, guess what?

You have a wonderful moment to talk with children about the nature of nature. You also have a teachable moment, a talking point, and maybe even a collector’s item.

Uniformity is plastic. Nature offers the beauty of uniqueness and variety.

There you have it: our most frantic calls from 2020. Here’s a brief summary of our answers:

1. We can’t make the USPS deliver faster.
2. We really can’t.
3. Wood blocks are heavy.
4. We’re not dead.
5. Wood isn’t plastic.

The answers seem obvious to us, but they aren’t to a lot of people. We hope this post makes the answers crystal clear!

And if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.