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Your Uncle Goose is Going To Have to Raise Prices

Your Uncle Goose is Going To Have to Raise Prices

Your Uncle Goose will be increasing prices on our toys, gifts, and decor. On July 30, 2021: we’re increasing prices by $1.00 per toy set, across the board.

This means toys like the Planet Blocks, the Moon Phase Blocks, and the Dinosaur Blocks will be $21 instead of $20. And instead of paying $64 for our popular Women Who Dared blocks, you’ll be paying $65.

A time-tested favorite - the Classic ABC block set - will rise from $40 to $41. Our Classic ABC Blocks with Wagon is currently $58, but will rise to $59 on July 30, 2021.

The highest percentage increase will be on our individual replacement blocks. Instead of $1 apiece, they’ll be priced at $2 apiece.

Why are we increasing prices? The answer won’t shock you.

The pandemic has hit the Uncle Goose supply chain pretty hard. The price of wood is at an all time high. Further, decent Midwestern basswood is getter harder to come by. Your Uncle Goose is facing back orders on ink, too.

And while we don’t have internal labor issues: we see our suppliers and vendors struggling to find workers. In particular, there’s a shortage of truck drivers who deliver lumber and other supplies. That concerns us.

With increased housing starts, lumber companies have made delivering wood to home builders a priority. Delivering basswood to a small toy company is low on their list of concerns.

So what’s a little toymaker in Grand Rapids, Michigan to do? We’re going to have to raise prices. Sorry, kids!

We hope you’ll agree that a dollar extra on each set isn’t too egregious. When you consider the circumstances, it’s pretty mild.

As usual, we’ll still be offering free shipping on domestic orders over $75 here at the unclegoose.com website. But if you don’t want to pay that extra buck per toy set, you might want to order your holiday presents a little early this year!