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Uncle Goose Vibe

What’s the Culture Like at Uncle Goose?

Your Uncle Goose is hiring. One of the questions that comes up in interviews: what’s the culture like at Uncle Goose?

As important as culture is, we don’t spend a lot of time ruminating on it. We don’t have any brochures to share.

Basically, we’re self-directed and creative people. We know what to do in the morning when we arrive at work. Then, we go off and do it.

That’s about it. Instead of a culture, Uncle Goose really has more of a vibe.

Statements like culture, vision, values, and mission? These words conjure up images of corporations and HR departments.

However, Uncle Goose doesn’t even come close to having a corporate environment. We don’t have an HR department. Nor do we have any official documents or brochures that outline what our culture is or how it works.

No PowerPoints. No Zoom meetings. No corporate ladder to climb.

In other words, Uncle Goose is not your typical work environment. We’re eleven artisans and craftspeople. Instead of describing our culture, let’s try to paint a picture of the overall Uncle Goose vibe:

1. We’re a tight knit group of artisans and craftspeople who love what we create. When we see something that needs to be done, we do it.

2. No one here gets managed. No one tells anyone what to do or how to do it.

3. Of course, we communicate expectations for production. And then, creative people do what creative people do. We make the magic happen, in a way that’s fun and safe.

4. You’ll find sawdust and wood shavings on the floor. You’ll see an occasional paint splash hither and yon. Creativity is messy, sometimes. And yet, we clean up after ourselves. 

5. It’s a vibe where self-directed people can thrive. If you have good work habits and a strong work ethic, you’re going to do well here.

6. And as tight-knit as we are, we still stay socially distanced. Eleven people work out of a 22,000 square foot facility, so we have plenty of room to move and breathe.

7. Safety is super important. We know how to care of our machines, ingredients, and people so that everyone stays safe.

8. And at the end of every work day, we can feel good about the work we do. We help handcraft a heirloom educational toy from sustainable basswood, right here in the USA.

If you’re looking for a word to describe our work vibe, how about: chill? We know that particular vibe doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Some people really groove on an uptight, corporate environment. We’re the polar opposite of that.

But if our vibe appeals to you, we’re currently looking for someone who knows how to silk screen. Drop us a line or give us a call. The job is here at the Uncle Goose workshop, at the edge of the woods, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.