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Uncle Goose Love

Looking for Love in 5 Imaginative Places

As we approach February 14, your Uncle Goose is busy making more Valentine Letter Blocks. For a time, we briefly ran out of stock. Who knew people wanted to decorate for the holiday in early January?

Valentine Letter Blocks

Encouraged by the demand, we went on a mission. We searched our shelves to find other Uncle Goose toys and decor that include hearts, love, or flowers.

Each of these can make for creative, imaginative, and thoughtful Valentine decor and gifts. Let’s take a look.

1. Flower Blocks

Flower Blocks by Uncle Goose

Of course, people love to give flowers on Valentine’s Day. Uncle Goose Flower Blocks go beyond a mere baker’s dozen with 14 different flowers. And if you’re specifically looking for hearts, one of the featured flowers is a Bleeding Heart.

2. To Tonet Blocks

To Tonet Number Blocks

Wait, are those hearts on the Uncle Goose To Tonet Block set? Yes, they are. This Black and White set contains a black heart + a white heart. Place them side by side, or add the plus sign for a subtle nod to the Valentine holiday.

3. Pluto Toys and Decor

It’s far out, but our biggest heart-shaped object of all is probably the Tombaugh Regio on the planet Pluto. You can find this heart-shaped image on our Pluto Planet Tile, Pluto Planet Roller, or dwelling among our Planet Blocks.

4. UG Specialty Letters

UG Specialty Letters

You can custom order your own loving message, complete with a heart block. How? Take a gander at our Specialty Blocks. Use them to spell out any phrase you please. Don’t forget to include a heart block with your message.

5. Any of our ABC Blocks

Spanish. Arabic. Chinese. Hindi. Hebrew. All blocks in our languages blocks section speak the language of love. Use ABC blocks to spell out “love” — or another short and pithy Valentine sentiment.

By the time you read this, we should have our Valentine Letter Blocks back in stock. Until then, let your imagination soar. Sometimes, a little creativity in our approach to gift giving and decor can serve as the bright spot we all crave!