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Uncle Goose Greek Mythology Blocks

What does March have in common with a red planet, an angry god, and a wise goddess?

March is a volatile month. It’s winter! It’s spring! It’s warm! It’s freezing!

You never know what you’re getting with March. Is it any wonder that this tempestuous month was named after Mars, the Roman God of War?

Historically, war activities would often slow or pause in the winter. When fighting resumed in spring, the ancient Romans decided to name this month Martius after Mars, the God of War. 

In Roman mythology, Mars is a hot tempered god who is quick to get mad and charge into battle. Driven by anger and aggression, he represents the violence of war.

And because the God of War is a hothead, the planet Mars was also named after him. The planet Mars, after all, is a red planet. Red is associated with blood and anger.

However, Mars is nothing like Minerva, the Goddess of War. Minerva is strategic and thoughtful. She represents the planning and wisdom it takes to serve and protect.

And while Ares and Minerva are brother and sister, they don’t always get along. For example, Minerva sided against Mars in the Trojan war.

Minerva supported the Greeks, while Mars supported the Trojans. And of course, the Greeks won that war. The Greeks named the city of Athens for Minerva. Minerva’s name in Greek is Athena.

While Mars may have an entire month and planet named after him, Athena is honored by the Greeks. She is not only the Goddess of War, she is the Goddess of Wisdom.

And in March, we also find the time and space to celebrate women’s contributions. This month is also Women’s History Month. We think Minerva would appreciate that this month isn’t all about her brother’s contributions to culture.

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Uncle Goose Greek Mythology