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Uncle Goose Baby Blocks

Baby Sprinkles: baby showers with a twist

A baby shower is a traditional event. Baby showers are for parents who have or are are expecting their first baby. They're called "showers" when guests "shower" expecting parents with gifts for the baby.

After all, new parents want and need new things for a new baby. And a baby shower can be a fun gift-giving party to celebrate the arrival of the first born child.

Baby Sprinkles Gifts

But recently, a new party phenomenon has popped up. It's called a baby sprinkle. So, what's a baby sprinkle? And how is a baby sprinkle different than a baby shower?

Baby sprinkles are parties for the second or even third babies. Baby sprinkles are more low key and relaxed than baby showers.  But baby sprinkles are still occasions for giving thoughtful gifts.

Baby Blocks for Baby Showers

But why have a baby sprinkle party? Don’t parents still have all the baby stuff from the first born that they can simply pass down?

In many cases, no. If the babies come close together in age, the first baby may still be using that crib and blanket. And even if the babies are farther apart in age, some of the older child’s clothing may be too tattered to pass down to a sibling.

Baby Blocks for Baby Sprinkle Gifts

If someone you know is throwing a baby sprinkle, it’s an occasion to celebrate. Go with the spirit of helping out parents and newborns who might be in need of new or gently used baby items.

Baby sprinkles can be great events for giving gifts, playing games, and taking photos. Baby showers are for the first child: baby sprinkles are for the younger siblings.

Have you ever been invited to a baby sprinkle? What gift will you bring?