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Uncle Goose Blocks

Gift Guide: 10 Stocking Stuffer or Secret Santa Gifts

Your Uncle Goose has compiled a list of small-but-smart holiday gift ideas. These toys and decor make fun stocking stuffers.

Also, consider our decor items for office gift exchanges like Secret Santa or White Elephant parties. Each gift suggestion is $27 or less. 

1. For Classic, Personalized Fun. Custom order any letters you wish. Spell a name, word, or saying with Uncle Goose Classic Letters, $2 per block

Classic Letters

2. For Contemporary, Specialty Fun. Customer order any of the hip and slim letters you need to spell your colleague's name or favorite saying. Uncle Goose Specialty Letters, $3 per block.

Specialty Letters

3. For Science Lovers. Get the Constellation, Dinosaur, Fossil, Moon Phase, or Planet Blocks. Fun for educational play, and delightful to display. Find these  five science-themed sets from $21-$26.

4. For Musicians. If you’re giving a gift to a guitar or ukulele player, they’ll love Uncle Goose Chord Cubes. Nine cubes with 54 chord diagrams plus a “v-tray” block that provides an ideal viewing angle. Chord Cubes, $26 per set


5. For Sophisticates. Does your colleague have a monochrome office? They prefer to play with black and white. Let them create the patterns and shapes they crave with To Tonet blocks, $24 per set. 

6. For Cubicle Dwellers. Surely, you must have an animal-loving colleague who appreciates whimsy in their cubicle. For fun and frolicsome types, we recommend Sea, Farm, Forest, Pet, Safari, Insect, or Jungle Cubelings$18 per set.


7. For artists and designers. Those who know and study design will appreciate this tribute to the Bauhaus. Mod ABC Blocks, $27.

Mod ABC Blocks

8. For number crunchers. Let mathematicians, accountants, and bookkeepers feel the numbers they love to stack and sort. Uncle Goose Braille Math Blocks, $27.

Braille Blocks Numbers Math

9. For flower lovers. Who doesn’t love getting flowers at the office? Give a bouquet of 14 flowers with Uncle Goose Flower Blocks, $25.


flower blocks


10. For storytellers. Nursery Rhymes aren't just for children. Your colleagues in marketing and advertising must craft stories for a living. Why not inspire them with 9 storytelling basics? Uncle Goose Nursery Rhyme Favorites, $18

Nursery Rhyme Favorites

What cool gift ideas!
All Uncle Goose toys are 100% Made in the USA. Crafted from sustainable Midwestern basswood, we paint all our toys with child-safe inks. 

People who love learning, design and fun will cherish these small-but-smart gifts. You may also wish to add our Uncle Goose custom gift wrap and card service, $6.50