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Let’s thank Special Education Teachers and Advocates

Did you know that December 2 is National Special Education Day? This day marks the anniversary of the first federal special education law in the United States. President Gerald R. Ford signed this law in 1975.

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Special education aspires to help children with disabilities learn. As much as possible, teachers work with special education students in a general education classroom.

Teachers tailor learning environments and assistive technologies for each special needs student. Some students may spend a few hours outside the classroom. They’ll work on learning with a specialist.

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Others need more time outside of class. And others attend different schools that specialize in teaching students with special needs.

Every special education student receives a different, customized program. That’s a big part of what puts the “special” in special education!

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An even bigger part of what makes special education special is the students. Why not learn about some of the difficulties people with special needs face? Education can help promote empathy as well as understanding.

National Special Education Day is a time to thank those who teach and support children who learn in their own unique way. Thank you to teachers, parents, grandparents, specialists, and special education advocates!