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The Top 11 Reasons You Can Feel Great About Buying Uncle Goose Blocks

The Top 11 Reasons You Can Feel Great About Buying Uncle Goose Blocks

Jenna. Whitney. Jon. Ace. Ryan. Adam. Sandy. Ian. Phil. Sarah. Pete.

Eleven real people work at Uncle Goose. We all live in West Michigan.

Uncle Goose is a small business. We make wooden toys by hand. All our toys are 100% Made in the USA from sustainably grown Midwestern basswood.

You’ll see Uncle Goose products all over the world and in some lofty locations. But we’re not some giant corporation.

We’re eleven adults who felt safe coming back to work last week. Being furloughed during the lock down was a drag. We like making toys by hand.

Some of us have graduated from local design colleges. Others come from families with generations of woodworking experience. We all have strong ties to our local community.

1. Jenna runs the screening department.
2. Whitney is a screener.
3. Jon screens, ships, pulls orders, packs, and sometimes works in the office.
4. Ace is maintenance. He's also in packing and the woodshop.
5. Ryan runs the woodshop.
6. Adam works in packing. He does the embossing, rolling and sanding.
7. Sandy is a master shrink wrapper and boxer. She’s also Jon’s mom! 
8. Ian works in packing, and also builds trays and wagons in the woodshop.
9. Phil works in printing. He’s also Ian’s dad!
10. Sarah designs products.
11. Pete is the owner.

Those are our top 11 reasons you can feel great about buying Uncle Goose products. The people who work here.

Uncle Goose makes your toys to order. If you don’t buy our products, we stop making them.

Thankfully, you’ve been buying our blocks from our website over the past few months. So we’ll keep making them for you.

Sarah designed some new toys during the COVID-19 shutdown. Phil will soon be working on custom mixing all the crazy colors she dreamed up for the new products. Fingers crossed: we’ll be revealing the new designs in Fall 2020.  Stay tuned!

We’re grateful for your continued support of our 100% USA made products. Thank you for supporting a small, local business that hand crafts heirloom toys from sustainable materials.

When you buy a set of blocks from Uncle Goose, you’re doing your part to support 11 real people who love what we do. We couldn't do this without you.

Thank you again for your continued love and support of Uncle Goose Toys.