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Uncle Goose Cubelings Sea Blocks

Celebrate the Beauty of the Ocean

June is World Ocean month. Uncle Goose is celebrating the beauty of the ocean and some of its most recognizable creatures.

We’re filled with wonder at ocean creatures large and small. The giant clams and massive blue whales. The tiny sea horses and sand dollars.

Also consider the speedy and the slow. The quick blue shark and orca whale. The sedentary sponges and corals.

ocean blocks by Uncle Goose

It might be tempting to think of giving gifts of coral or other sea creatures. But don’t do that. Think a little more deeply about the gifts you give or the decorations you buy.

Coral is a life form that can be thousands and thousands of years old. Much of the world’s coral is being destroyed by pollution, climate change, disease, and overfishing.

Further, coral grows slowly. Once someone harvests coral for jewelry or other decorations — the surrounding coral beds have a hard time recovering. Some never do.

ocean block toys by Uncle Goose

And yet, our planet needs corals. They serve as home to much of the marine life you know and love.

You can celebrate world ocean month by focusing on sustainability. When you buy gifts and decorations, think about their environmental impact.

Sea Creatures blocks by Uncle Goose

There’s only one ocean. It’s the defining feature of our planet. Our one ocean covers over 70% of the world.

What else can you do to help protect the planet? By protecting the ocean and its most vulnerable creatures, you can help the entire world.