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Uncle Goose Nautical Blocks

Ten Non-Classic Ways to Learn the English Alphabet

Uncle Goose hand crafts our Classic ABC Blocks here in the USA. We also step away from our classic approach to present the English alphabet in other ways.

That’s because many customers have different tastes. We respect that. We even like and encourage it!

If you want to step away from the classics, do it! Here are 10 other ways to find a complete set of Uncle Goose English alphabet blocks, from A-Z. 

1. Nautical Blocks with Canvas Bag

Nautical Blocks with Canvas Bag

These 26 blocks are a hit with the sailing set. Each block features one letter. You’ll also find matching semaphores, NATO phonetics, and Morse codes to go with each letter. We decked the two other sides with an illustrated knot plus a colorful maritime signal flag. All that, plus a nifty canvas bag with an anchor printed on the side.

2. Bug Blocks

Uncle Goose Bug Blocks

This 28-block set celebrates color and a love of nature. You’ll get a complete Uppercase alphabet in an Art Nouveau font. This means you can lay out the entire alphabet if you wish. You’ll also find lowercase letters and numbers, as well. And of course: you’ll get to appreciate the glory of our delightful bugs in an up close and personal way.

3. Bird Blocks

This 14-block set takes a closer look at the beauty of birds. You get a complete Uppercase alphabet in Art Nouveau font. But because there are only 14 blocks in this set, you can’t lay the entire alphabet out. You’ll also find lower case Art Nouveau letters in this set, along with an extra Uppercase A and E.

4. Flower Blocks

This is a companion set to our Bird Blocks. Here, you’ll find a bouquet of 14 floral blocks. Each block features two Uppercase Art Nouveau letters, so you’ll get a complete alphabet and then some. You’ll also see lowercase Art Nouveau letters. And no matter what the season, you’ll be able to enjoy the flowers.

5. Ocean Blocks

The Ocean Blocks are a companion set to our Bird and Flower blocks. Here, you’ll also find 14 blocks with two Uppercase Art Nouveau letters. You’ll also see lowercase Art Nouveau letters. And you’ll be able to bring 14 sea creatures ashore so you can enjoy exploring the alphabet together. If you want to lay out the entire alphabet from A to Z — you’ll need to pair these with the companion Bird or Flower blocks.

6. Braille Blocks

Braille Blocks

These 28 blocks are a joy to touch. We devoted one lowercase sans serif letter to each block. You'll discover the same Braille letter debossed on two sides of every block. One debossed side is paired with its font equivalent. The other embossed side is Braille only.

7. To Tonet ABC Blocks

Behold 14 black and white sans serif letters! You get a complete Uppercase and lowercase alphabet, along with geometric and floral patterns. Because there are 14 blocks, you can’t lay out the entire alphabet from A-Z, but all the letters are there for you to enjoy.

8. Mod ABC Blocks

For people who love modern design and history, this 16-block alphabet set celebrates the Bauhaus. You’ll find two debossed Uppercase letters on opposite sides of each block. The two printed sides feature lowercase letters. You’ll also see two Bauhaus-inspired step and repeat patterns per block.

9. UG Specialty Letters

UG Specialty Letters

Most people who buy these individual blocks spell out a special name, word, or phrase. The fresh font in our UG Specialty Letters is an Uncle Goose exclusive. Technically, you could buy an A-Z set of the UG Specialty Letters. Although, we’ll admit it: absolutely no one has actually ever done this!

10. ASL Blocks

ASL Blocks

And lastly, this one is kind of cheating. ASL isn’t an English language block. But you CAN lay out a full lowercase alphabet from A to Z with this 28-piece set. And while you’re at it, you can learn to fingerspell from A-Z in American Sign Language.

So there you are! All kinds of ways to celebrate the English alphabet! Which will you choose?