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Uncle Goose Chips - Collective Nouns

New Uncle Goose Toy Sneak Peek: Code Name CHIPS

Constraints inspire creativity. Faced with lumber shortages, your Uncle Goose is designing a new toy with the code name “CHIPS.”


Because while most manufacturers struggle with chip shortages, your Uncle Goose doesn’t. As we look around the shop, we see plenty of wood chips.

So, we got to thinking. We’ve always been careful about recycling our wood chips. But other than mulch or horse bedding, what else can we do with all our chips? How can we re-use, re-purpose, or recycle?

And that’s when we came up with the idea for a new toy with the code name CHIPS. These toys aren’t blocks. They’re half-blocks made from recycled wood chips from our block making operation.

So you don’t have to worry! Your Uncle Goose will still continue to make the basswood blocks you love, right here in the USA!

Code name “CHIPS” will complement our blocks. You can still stack and sort CHIPS. And you can still use them to build structures.

However, the educational content on CHIPS will be more like flashcards than blocks. Here’s an example. On one side, you may see a common word like “red” and on the other side, you may see the word’s foreign language equivalent.

We’re working on designing our first set of CHIPS right now. We don’t know quite when they’ll be out of testing and quality control. We don’t even know what we’re going to name them yet.

But two things we do know - we love the look and feel of them. And we love playing with them. We wanted to let you know something new and creative is coming that’s a bit of a departure for us.

But when you think about it, CHIPS are not that far out there for your Uncle Goose. It’s still a wooden educational toy that inspires free play and creativity. It’s still 100% made in the USA. And by using recycled lumber from sustainable basswood, it’s still environmentally friendly.

We love the idea of using every ounce of wood we can to make toys! It’s literally scrappy, while being environmentally sound. What’s not to like?

Let us know what you think. We know you haven’t seen or played with them yet, but what do you think of the mere *idea* of CHIPS?