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Uncle Goose Bug Blocks

Quiet, natural beauty: is it enough to engage a modern child?

What’s up with all the fireworks lately? In and around the Uncle Goose workshop, we’ve been hearing lots of fireworks in June.

This is not a local phenomenon. We’re reading reports that people are seeing and hearing fireworks all across the USA.

We suspect the fireworks might have something to do with the upcoming holiday on the Fourth of July. And while our toys are 100% Made in the USA, your Uncle Goose prefers to celebrate Independence Day more quietly.

As nature lovers and wooden toy makers, your Uncle Goose prefers fireflies to fireworks. We love the way fireflies silently light up the night sky. Your Uncle Goose appreciates the quiet beauty of this gentle insect.

So let’s talk about quiet beauty. Is natural beauty and elegant design enough to engage today’s modern, over-stimulated child?

Many toys beep and flash and whir to grab a child's interest and attention. Wooden toys don't.

In a world that screams and shouts: Uncle Goose toys remain grounded in quiet confidence. Wooden toys rest silently, waiting for a child's imagination to bring them to life.

Left on their own, children like to pretend. They’ll stack wooden blocks and imagine they are creating buildings. They'll pile blocks in a wagon and pretend to take them to the market.

Children are naturally creative and innovative. They figure out ways to make wooden toys come to life in ways that delight and surprise. It's a joy to watch children use their innate creativity, imagination, and intelligence.

Many frazzled parents appreciate the quiet, natural grace of wooden toys. They know these toys will enlighten and educate while keeping children entertained. And when playtime is over, a hand-crafted wooden toy looks great on the shelf.

These tactile toys can also help adults facilitate interesting conversations with children. When playful adults ask "how many" and "can you" and "what if" and "where are" -- they subtly introduce and reinforce important intellectual concepts to children.

Yes, it's true: toys don't have to be loud and obnoxious to entertain children. If you’re the kind of person who appreciates quiet confidence and elegant design, Uncle Goose wooden toys may be a good fit for your home, classroom, or lifestyle.