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Uncle Goose Sign Language Blocks

How Can I Fingerspell My Child’s Name?

Children like to spell out their own names with blocks. But one single Uncle Goose block set might not have all the letters they need to spell out an entire name. 

That can lead to frustration or hurt feelings. And no one wants that!

It’s one reason your Uncle Goose offers our Uncle Goose Classic Letters. Here, you can custom order any letters you wish.

Our Classic Letters come in two different color-coordinated options. You can choose from blue and orange. Or select purple and green.

Spelling out children’s names is a thoughtful and considerate gift. It lends a personal touch. A hand-picked, color-coordinated name in custom blocks stands out.

Classic Letters Uncle Goose

And because ASL is increasing in popularity, your Uncle Goose is getting quite a few requests for a customized sign language block program. Parents and children want to see their complete names using fingerspelling.

We think that’s great. And we already have a workaround for that! It’s what we call our “Replacement Block” program. Here’s how it works:

1. First, we recommend getting our American Sign Language Blocks. This 28-block set features a complete ASL fingerspelling alphabet, plus two additional letters: and "a" and an "o."

2. Next, head on over to our Replacement Blocks – Uncle Goose page. Find the fingerspelling blocks by typing in “sign.”

3. This brings up our Uncle Goose American Sign Language blocks. From there, you can select up to 4 supplemental letters.

For example, a child named "Charlotte" will require one extra "t" block to spell her name. William will need two extra blocks: an extra "l" and an extra "i."

ASL Blocks Uncle Goose

Try doing this with other Uncle Goose blocks, as well. For example, you might already have a Classic ABC set. If you’re short a few blocks to spell a treasured name: consider the “Replacement Block” program to be a “Supplemental Block” program for your set.