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Uncle Goose Baby Blocks

How Blocks Can Help Build Memories

In this email, customer Michele Mika reminds us of how blocks build memories:

“My recent purchases, Merry Maker Blocks, Happy Easter blocks are for decor purposes. I love the style, colors and feel of your products. I have purchased your products throughout the years and now that my kids are older, I use them for decorating. I love pulling them out every year and thinking of the memories that my kids had while playing with them. We have one of your first christmas block sets which has the lettering and also trees that you can assemble. My daughter loves this set and still likes to create the different trees and messages with these blocks. Great memories!

Keep us the good work, as I have always been impressed with the quality of your work.”

Thanks for your kind and thoughtful note, Michele. Your message serves as a great reminder that blocks are more than an “in the moment” type of fun. The fond memories they help build can last decades.

Happy Easter Blocks Uncle Goose

Another customer, Erin Crison, wrote to tell us she bought two personalized sets to be part of their children’s Easter baskets. Her 6-year old daughter already loves her Women Who Dared set; and her 9-year old is a big fan of his Gosling Square set.

"We LOVE Uncle Goose blocks in our house! Not only are they beautifully made but blocks make for such incredible open-ended play! (I also work at the Children's Museums where we are HUGE fans of Uncle Goose)."

She’s now looking forward to seeing her children’s reactions to their names in their Easter Baskets.

Classic Letters

Now, those are a memories worth treasuring for years to come! And as customer Laura Golden wrote last week:

“Uncle Goose Classic Blocks with wagon is my Go-To Baby Gift. I was first introduced to the set 20 years ago when I was a nanny and realized how much long-lasting play you get out of blocks not to mention a way to learn letters and eventually spelling words. The blocks are such high quality and the people I have gifted them to have repeated how the blocks were one of the best gifts they ever received for their child or children. Uncle Goose has made it so easy for me to buy Baby Gifts! I feel like I am giving an heirloom and not just something a family will not use.”

Gifts that stand the test of time help build memories. We love hearing how Uncle Goose toys become a part of family traditions and treasured memories.

How are you enjoying the Uncle Goose blocks you already own? We’re always happy to receive warm customer feedback.

What’s your Uncle Goose story? What unique ways are you playing with your toys? Drop us a line and let us know!