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Uncle Goose Chips - Collective Nouns

Introducing our newest toy: Chips - Collective Nouns

Our newest toy — Chips - Collective Nouns  — tests your knowledge of 64 different animal collectives. One side of each chip features a hand-drawn image of a single animal paired with its name. The other side reveals the image of multiple animals, along with their collective name.

Think of chips as a fun flashcard-style game. But instead of cards, your Uncle Goose prints the learning material on 64 wood quarter-blocks. You can use chips to enjoy learning about animals and their collective names.

You can also have fun parading 64 different animals around your play area! Try building an animal house with chips. Or play any number of “let’s pretend” games.

Chips - Collective Nouns

Adults and children alike love animals. You might already know some common collective names.

But rest assured. Your Uncle Goose also made sure to pick animals with funny, silly, or weird collective names.

For example, you probably know that a group of wolves is a pack, or a bunch of cows is a herd. But did you know that a group of flamingos is a flamboyance? Or that a group of porcupines is a prickle?

Chips - Collective Nouns

Here are 7 “S” collective words. What animals do they represent? We feature all seven of these animals in our latest chips set.

1. Shiver
2. Skulk
3. Scurry
4. Sleuth
5. Seat
6. Smack
7. Stench

(Take a guess before scrolling waaaaaaay down to the end of this page to take a peek at the answers!)

Chips - Collective Animals

For even more fun with animals, here are 10 more animals we feature in our new toy. But only half are paired with their correct collective names. Five are right: but the other five are very, very wrong!

Can you tell which collective names are correct, and which are completely made-up nonsense?


1. Monkey      Barrel
2. Lobster       Bisque
3. Locust        Plague
4. Stingray     Fever
5. Raccoon    Gaze
6. Parrot        Squawk
7. Buzzard     Funeral
8. Crab          Pinch
9. Hyena       Cackle
10. Panda     Passel

(Scroll down to the bottom of the page to get the spoilers.)

Have fun with the animals!



Chips - Animal Collective Nouns

The Seven S Words and The Animals They Represent
1. Shiver of SHARKS
2. Skulk of FOXES
3. Scurry of SQUIRRELS
4. Sleuth of BEARS
5. Seat of BADGERS
6. Smack of JELLYFISH
7. Stench of SKUNKS (that one was easy!)

Correct Pairings:

1, 3, 4, 5, and 9 are correct.
1. Monkey Barrel
3. Locust Plague
4. Stingray Fever
5. Raccoon Gaze
9. Hyena Cackle

Chips - Animal Collectives
Incorrect Pairings
2, 6, 7, 8, and 10 are incorrect.
2. Lobster Not a Bisque. It’s a RISK.
6. Parrot Not a Squawk. It’s a PANDAMONIUM.
7. Buzzard Not a Funeral. Close, though. It’s a WAKE.
8. Crab Not a Pinch. It’s a CONSORTIUM.
10. Panda Not a passel. It’s an EMBARRASSMENT.
(Pandas don’t blush, though.)


In case you missed it: here is the story on how Uncle Goose came up with the idea for our new Chips toy.