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Uncle Goose Gift Wrap

Can We Really Do a Black Friday Sale This Year?

The next month is historically super busy for your Uncle Goose. The elves are sawing, embossing, painting, packing, and shipping your toys and gifts for the holiday season.

Orders are flying in like mad. Retailers want products on their shelves. Online orders are also up.

We’re keeping up the best we can, but it hasn’t been easy. Supply chain disruptions have been causing some delays.

To top off the seasonal buying frenzy, customers also have expectations. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are a tradition, so we often send exclusive offers to our email subscribers.

There’s also a new commercial concept called Small Business Saturday. As a company with ten employees, your Uncle Goose checks that box, too.

But given the supply chain disruptions we’ve been facing, can we really offer customers Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday discounts this year? It’s hard to say.

Maybe we will. But maybe we won’t. We’ll have to make up our mind when the time comes.

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