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More Than Toys

Built to last several lifetimes, our classic, heirloom toys and room decor teaches children sorting, matching, ordering, language, logic, spatial relations, recognition, organization, planning and balance from a young age.

From the moment you open a new set of Uncle Goose blocks they make a deep and lasting impression. Everything you experience and everything you learn by playing with blocks can stay with you for a lifetime.

Uncle Goose Nautical Blocks

No Letter Left Behind! Why There's No Shrinkflation at Uncle Goose!

Shrinkflation is officially a thing. But alas! Your Uncle Goose can't participate in this growing trend.
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Uncle Goose Chips - Cryptid Case Files

Knock on Wood: the Uncle Goose Guide to Good Luck!

Wood you believe it? Uncle Goose toys can bring you good luck! Thousands of years of tradition from multiple cultures say so!
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Uncle Goose Herbs Chips

You're Never Too Old To Play and Learn with Uncle Goose!

You never really outgrow Uncle Goose blocks, do you? Their classic good looks appeal to adults as well as children!
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