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More Than Toys

Built to last several lifetimes, our classic, heirloom toys and room decor teaches children sorting, matching, ordering, language, logic, spatial relations, recognition, organization, planning and balance from a young age.

From the moment you open a new set of Uncle Goose blocks they make a deep and lasting impression. Everything you experience and everything you learn by playing with blocks can stay with you for a lifetime.

Uncle Goose Space Environment Blocks

Build Abstract Thinking Muscles with Uncle Goose Blocks

Abstract thinking lets us imagine, conceptualize, and comprehend things that aren’t tangible or concrete. And blocks help children build those abstract thinking muscles! 
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Uncle Goose Chips - Create a Calendar

Trending: What's New in Wooden Toys

What are current and future toy trends? Get 2023 gift ideas as you explore the world of play and design!
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Uncle Goose Gingerbread Village

Gingerbread Village: Holiday Decor for Home and Office

Bring the warmth and goodness of Uncle Goose Gingerbread Houses into your space!
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