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Are Uncle Goose Toys Made in America?

Are Uncle Goose Toys Made in America?

In December 2021, your Uncle Goose was featured in a USA Today article as an awesome American-made toy. Thanks for mentioning our 100% USA Made toys, USA Today! We appreciate the love!

And what USA Today wrote about us is 100% true. We make our toys in America, so we’re definitely an American-made toy.

Here’s what they didn’t say: all Uncle Goose toys and gifts are also “100% Made in the USA.” And yes, there’s a difference between “Made in America” and “Made in the USA.”

Any product labeled “Made in America” may use components sourced from another country. Or not. That’s why it’s not uncommon for a “Made in America” product to source its raw materials from all over the world.

However, to get a coveted “Made in the USA” label on a product, you need to do more than make your products on US soil and have US ownership. You also need to source your raw materials from within the US, as well!

made in the USA


The wood and inks in all Uncle Goose products are all 100% sourced from the USA. Even the wheels on our wagons are lathed in Maine, to provide you with a 100% USA-made vehicle.

So while your Uncle Goose is definitely “Made in America” — that “Made in the USA” distinction can really make us stand out in your toy box. How many other toys or products are in your home or office are 100% Made in the USA?

If you find one, let us know! It’s getting harder to find toys that are 100% Made in the USA. Finding toys that are “Made in America” is much easier.

Either way, we’re very happy to be included on a national list of great American toys!