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Uncle Goose Mary Blair Memory

4 Reasons Why Your Uncle Goose is Doing OK

Quite a few people have contacted us this year. They want to know how our small business is doing. Is Uncle Goose OK?

Thank your for your concern. We appreciate your kind emails and phone calls!
And in a word, yes. We’re doing fine, thanks.

And there are four reasons why we think we might be doing OK. Let’s spell them out.

1. When the economy tanks, our sales tend to go up

Your Uncle Goose started hand manufacturing ABC blocks in 1983. Over the past 3+ decades, we’ve noticed a trend. Whenever we have an international economic uptick, our sales tend to flatten. When things are rosy and peachy, people want to splurge on the latest novelty toys. But when the economy tanks, parents and grandparents turn to timeless, heirloom-quality toys. This is our own insight based on historic sales reports. And what do you know? This insight has panned out during the pandemic, as well.

2. Public sentiment is on the side of small businesses

It’s no secret that many small businesses are hurting this year. To that end, caring people long to support their small, local businesses whenever they can make that choice. And while Uncle Goose is indeed a small business with 11 workers; we also supply hundreds of small businesses across the globe. Many local, independently owned toy, design, and gift shops re-opened during the holiday shopping season. When you support a locally-owned business by buying our products from them, you also support us.

baby blocks

3. Many children and parents stayed at home to learn

As many people went into lock down, concerned parents wanted to make sure their children had access to fun educational materials. Our blocks and toys help facilitate the open play that leads to emotional and intellectual advancement. And it probably didn’t hurt us that many parents were in lock down, too. Families want to play together. That promotes social development. And working parents want toys that are not only fun, thoughtful, and beautiful: but also toys that don’t make noise during online meetings!

4. Our customers are thoughtful and caring

A growing number of people care about the environment. They prefer to buy toys made from sustainable materials like basswood. They’re concerned about labor practices, and want to make sure they buy products that pay workers a fair wage. They care about safety, and want to know that the inks and paints used are free from heavy metal contamination. They also care about learning, design, and the importance of play. Uncle Goose is grateful for this global consciousness raising. Sure, it helps us. But more importantly, it benefits the entire planet and its inhabitants.

Classic ABC Blocks by Uncle Goose

We’re thankful for your support and purchases this year. We know it could just as easily have gone the other way.

But we’re still here. We’re doing well, and we hope you are, too.

Here’s to better things in 2021!