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Uncle Goose 2020 Products

2020 Wrap Up: Uncle Goose Launched 14 New Toys

What can we say about 2020 that hasn’t already been said? It was literally the Year of the Rat.

And yet, 2020 wasn’t all bad. During the lock down, your Uncle Goose found time to design new toys. After all, both children and adults had time to play and learn at home.

With home learning and fun in mind, your Uncle Goose introduced 14 new toys in 2020. Let’s take a look back at the toys we released during this topsy-turvy year:

1. Greek Mythology Blocks

We released this 32 piece Greek Mythology block set in March, just as the pandemic lock downs started taking place. What amazing timing, right? And yet, the mighty Greek Mythology set became one of our top 10 best sellers for the year.

Greek Myth Blocks


2 - 3. To Tonet ABC Blocks and To Tonet Number Blocks

Uncle Goose gave birth to two 14-piece black and white sets in March: the To Tonet ABC Blocks and the To Tonet Number Blocks. Parents frequently remind us that babies see in black and white. Designers respond favorably to the bold, B&W patterns.

Black and White Blocks


4. Constellation Blocks with Basswood Tray

In August, we released the 32 piece Constellation Blocks with Basswood Tray. We already had a popular 16 piece constellation block set without a tray: but many customers demanded a more complete set that includes all of the Zodiac constellations and more. 

Constellation Blocks with Basswood Tray


5 - 13. The Planet Rollers

In October, the world saw the creation of the Planet Rollers. We re-imagined the designs on our popular Planet Blocks as push toys. The Planet Rollers became a top seller during the holiday shopping season.

14. Groovy Ghoulie Blocks

Holy cats! Like bats out of the belfry, the Groovy Ghoulie Blocks flew out of the Uncle Goose workshop. We released this Halloween-themed set in October, but fans are still purchasing them. Why? Because these little freaks are fun!

Groovy Ghoulies


Thank you for your support and purchases this year. It’s gratifying to know that a growing number of people want to invest in heirloom-quality toys that are still 100% Made In the USA.

And though we had a brisk holiday season, we still found time to design new toys for 2021. We’ll keep you posted. For sneak peaks and special deals, be sure to sign up for our newsletter. Enter your email address at the bottom right of this page. 

You can look forward to even more new Uncle Goose products with all-new designs in 2021!