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Uncle Goose Blocks

2022, Wrapped: Uncle Goose Launched 10 New Toys

That’s a wrap! In 2022, your Uncle Goose launched 10 -- count 'em 10! -- new toys. We created 4 new block toys, and 6 new CHIPS toys. We also created 4 new custom gift wrap designs and 3 new gift cards. 

Let's take a look back at our 2022 creations.

1. Perpetual Calendar Blocks

Perpetual Calendar

What a great gift for the new year! A perpetual calendar is a terrific way to learn about numbers, dates, and seasons. The Perpetual Calendar Blocks from Uncle Goose are built to last a few lifetimes. A heritage toy, you can hand them down from generation to generation.

2. Lights, Camera, Action ABC Blocks

Lights, Camera, Action ABC Blocks

3, 2, 1…Action! Film fans can enjoy counting down from 14 to 1 with the Lights, Camera, Action ABC Blocks. Each block also features a classic film icon. Can you guess the movie or movie genre it represents?

3. First Pets

first pets blocks


First Pets is the pet-first way to learn about American history. You’ll see a distinguished gallery of presidential animal illustrations in this 40 block toy set from Uncle Goose. Have fun learning about history while putting together an animal-packed puzzle!

4. Growing Child Blocks in a Box

growing child blocks in a box

Say "Blocks in a Box" three times fast -- it's fun! In 2022, we re-released this beloved deluxe block from 1985. This special set comes with 32 Classic ABC blocks and 32 Classic Lowercase ABC Blocks in a maple wood storage box with handles. You can get the box engraved with your name or special message on the nameplate. 

And in 2022, we also created something entirely new for us. We make our new CHIPS line of toys from basswood that we recycle from our block making process. Here is our 2022 line of CHIPS toys:

1. CHIPS: Collective Nouns

CHIPS Collective Nouns

Instead of cards, your Uncle Goose prints the learning material on 64 wood quarter blocks we call CHIPS. You can use the CHIPS to build structures — while building knowledge about animals and their collective names.

2. CHIPS: Mod


chips mod


Explore simple, elegant shapes. You’ll see these shapes printed in both bold and neutral colors. You can play with patterns. Make the world’s wildest checkerboard. Design a quilt. Or build something totally new and exciting.

3. CHIPS: Arrows

chips arrows

Left, right, up, and down. All four ways point to fun! Puzzle your way through completing flowchart patterns in four different colors. Use the arrows, lines, and circles to create your own unique designs.

4. CHIPS: Vocabulary Flash Cards in English

CHIPS Vocabulary Flashcards in English

Will you use these CHIPS to help children learn vocabulary or play guessing games? Or will you use them to play party and car games like Charades, Eye Spy, 5 Things, X is like Y, and more? In creative hands, this is a very playful set indeed!

5. CHIPS: Vocabulary Flash Cards in French

CHIPS French Vocabulary Flashcards

Hourra! Test your French vocabulary with this 64-chip set. Build structures. Play and pronounce vocabulary words in your very best French!

6. CHIPS: Vocabulary Flash Cards in Spanish

CHIPS Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards

¡Guau! You’ll see a colorful illustration on one side, and a printed Spanish word on the back. Quiz yourself and others on Spanish vocabulary. Invent and play oodles of guessing and storytelling games.

Plus: 4 New Custom Gift Wraps and 3 New Cards

1. Baby Gift Wrap In European folklore, storks deliver babies. This design plays on that ancient legend. It features white storks delivering green and orange baby bundles. Don't forget to greet the new arrival with a new "hello" card.

Gift wrap stork card hello


2. Mod Gift Wrap. When you want a gift to stand out, go wild with color and shapes. This Bauhaus-inspired design pops with color and geometric patterns. Say "welcome baby" with the new Uncle Goose stork card.

Mod Gift Wrap with stork card

3. Constellations Gift Wrap. A gift wrap so heavenly, you’ll pause to reflect before tearing it up to see what’s inside. See the stars in a dark blue sky kissed by rosy sunset. Perhaps you'll pair this gift with our all-new moon phase card!

Constellations gift wrap with moon phase card

4. Alphabet Soup Gift Wrap. Smile if you like animal crackers in your alphabet soup. We paired two childhood taste treats in a playful design. You can select any of our new cards to go with this gift wrap. 

gift wrap alphabet soup

And that’s our 2022, all wrapped up! What will 2023 bring?