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Why Block Play? SOUL

Blocks: Good for Your Soul

By playing with a child, you both hone social skills. You learn to share, take turns, tell stories, laugh, and learn together.
These are the fundamental elements for a rich and rewarding life.

Get Creative

Block play gives children an opportunity to exercise their imaginations. In a child’s hands, blocks can become anything.
Sit back, relax, and let your child come up with innovative ideas through the magic of play time.

Have Fun

Children and adults thrive on fun. Go ahead. Goof off. Mess around. Enjoy the freedom of play.
Experiment, make your own rules, and try new approaches to navigating your world.

Get Social

If you’ve discovered a way of playing with blocks that is distinctive, fun, and educational; share it with us.
Consider our website and blog a toy box filled with fresh, new ideas for block play.
We’d love you to share what you’re doing with your blocks. Let others learn from your ideas, photos and videos.