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Why Block Play? BRAIN

Blocks: Good for Your Brain

Think of what a child’s brain can learn by playing with blocks.
Play block games with children to enhance their intellectual development.


How many blocks can you stack on top of each other before they fall? Can you count them?
Enjoy conversations that include games and questions like “how high?” and “how long?” and “how many?”


Similarly, blocks can foster a conversation about mathematical equations. Play if/then games.
If I have four blocks and give you one, then how many blocks do I have? Make multiplication tables come alive in three dimensions.


Pretend you are a mighty king or queen. Bark some orders. “Find all the blocks with yellow letters. Show me a cow. Spell dog.”
Hunting for objects and following commands can be fun. Alternately, allow yourself to be bossed about by a child. Fair is fair.