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Why Block Play? BODY

Blocks: Good for Your Body

Playing with blocks makes developing hand-eye coordination and motor skills fun.
Learn key physical survival skills by honing your sense of touch.

Understanding Shapes and Patterns

Feel the embossed sides of the blocks. Name the letters or shapes. See who can guess the shapes or letters without peeking.
Cover the embossed sides with paper; use crayons to create rubbings. Press the embossed sides into modeling clay.


Stack blocks on top of each other. Build them up: knock them down. Make structures and put blocks in patterns.
Create pyramids and towers; streets and bridges. Build muscles and motor skills as you create imaginary worlds.


Discover what kind of structures are more stable and which fall down easily.
Learn the meanings of over, under, above, below, next to.
Learn to put your things away so you don’t trip.