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Uncle Goose Gift Wrap

You know someone with an August birthday. Here’s why:

August is the most common birth month in the US, while September has the most popular birthdays. September 9, 10, and 12 are frequently in the top 5 shared birthdays across the country.

It’s not too hard to figure out why! Do the math. We humans tend to get, uh, a little more snuggly in colder weather.

This means Uncle Goose sees more people buying baby shower gifts in June and July. It’s fun for us to get customer emails telling us that they "won the baby shower" by having the coolest gift. We’re glad to be a part of your celebration!

Baby Blocks by Uncle Goose

We also predict more “Happy Birthday” gift sales this month. ‘Tis the season, so to speak. And we’re prepared for the uptick in your orders. Don’t forget the custom gift wrap and hand-written card!

As you consider gifts for showers and birthdays, please remember that our blocks are for ages 2 and up. Put the blocks on display in a bedroom or nursery — but keep them out of reach of a newborn baby!


Babies love to chew things. It’s pretty much in their job description! And blocks are definitely NOT teething toys! Any mouth wetness is going to destroy your blocks.

Happy Birthday Blocks

Wait until a child is out of the stage where they put things in their mouths, please. And while you’re at it: keep your blocks away from your dogs, too! Their powerful drool + teeth combo has destroyed many a block throughout the decades.

Dogs are the number one reason why we have a replacement block program. If any of your blocks get damaged for any reason, you can order a replacement block.

(And if you have a dog-shaming photo you’d be willing to share, let us know! We’ve gotten a lot of photos and stories over the years about how dogs have destroyed over half the solar system or demolished the German alphabet! Send your photo or story to laura@unclegoose.com.)

Cubelings Pets

Blocks make great birthday gifts for grown-ups, too. As you search for birthday gifts for the next few weeks, consider these 6 approaches:

1. The Leos and Virgos of August and September can celebrate with Zodiac blocks. It comes with all 12 zodiac signs and puzzle of a deep purple horoscope wheel. It's mystical! 

Zodiac Blocks

2. You can also find both Leos and Virgos in Uncle Goose Constellation Blocks with Basswood Tray. It features 32 constellations, along with all 12 zodiac signs. 

Constellations with Basswood Tray

3. Mythology, music, movies, and more: consider a block set from the Uncle Goose eclectic gift collection. Both children and adults are enchanted with this diverse assortment of artistic fun.

Lights Camera Action ABC Blocks

4. The science-minded adult will appreciate a gift from our Discovery collection. Planet, Dinosaur, and Elemental Blocks are colorful and playful. Moon Phase and Fossil Blocks are more subdued, earth-toned fun. 

Elemental Blocks

5. Musicians continue to treasure Uncle Goose Chord Cube Blocks. You can get guitar players Uncle Goose Chord Cubes Guitar Blocks or Uncle Goose Chord Cubes Ukulele Blocks for the uke player in your life.


Chord Cubes Blocks Guitar

6. And who doesn’t like a bouquet of flowers? The Poppy is the August birth flower, and the Morning Glory is the September flower. You can get both with a set of Uncle Goose Flower Blocks.

Flower Blocks by Uncle Goose

Have fun exploring other gift options at Uncle Goose. We’re happy to be a part of your birthday celebrations, and we hope you "win the party" by bringing the best gift!