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Uncle Goose Groovie Ghoulie Blocks

Why Some Uncle Goose Toys Might Be Too Scary For Children

A few would-be customers have been writing to tell us they won’t be buying our toys. Ever.

Why? They claim some Uncle Goose toys are too scary for young children.

Let’s take an email from Terry Bill Payne from Timid, Tennessee.* He wrote to tell us to take the skulls off our Dinosaur blocks. He thinks the skulls are too frightening. 

dinosaur blocks

To quote Mr. Payne: “If those dinosaur skulls give me the creeps, can’t you imagine how an 8 year old might feel?”

Next, Dawn Chacare-Nunn from Ucray, Utah wrote us several lengthy emails. She requested we stop making Nursery Rhyme blocks immediately. Her emails were long and filled with rants. Here's a copy/paste sample of an email excerpt: 

Nursery Rhyme blocks


“The Lady Bug rhyme depicts a house burning down. On another block, an old woman is forced to live in a shoe. Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep. These three nursery rhymes alone depict the normalization of women living with terror, poverty, and loss. Trauma narratives like these have no place on a child’s toy.”

Meanwhile, Bea Madsick from Wildeye, Wisconsin wants us to drop the shark block from the Uncle Goose Cubelings Sea Blocks.

shark block on cubelings

“These blocks are really cute and all. But I feel like the shark’s teeth are too scary for my niece. I like all the other fish, though. Can you turn the shark into a goldfish or something less frightening? Thanks!”

And finally, Kent Reed from Seriously, Saskatchewan wrote to tell us that all wood blocks are too dangerous for children. In his opinion, your Uncle Goose needs to stop making wooden blocks altogether. 

Groovy Ghoulies

“By definition, all blocks have edges and corners, which can be dangerous for a child. Wood also has the potential to give children splinters. So if you continue to make toys, consider making them from softer materials that don’t have edges.”

Well, thanks for writing. However, we won’t be taking any of these suggestions.

You’ll still find skulls on dinosaur blocks. Nursery Rhymes remain best sellers. The shark will stay on our Cubelings Sea set. And yes, our popular Groovy Ghoulies will continue to feature ghosts, bats, skeletons, and tombstones.

Your Uncle Goose will persist in hand crafting 100% Made in the USA toys from sustainable basswood. Plenty of people like our toys, and don’t think they’re the least bit scary or inappropriate for children.

We know our approach to toy making is not going to make everyone happy. But remember: if you don’t groove on our vibe, you don’t have to buy our toys.

And if you like our toys, thank you! You’re our kind of people!


*All names and locations have been changed to protect the identity of our writers.