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Uncle Goose Cubelings Sea Blocks

Which animal has three hearts?

For Valentine’s Day, people love getting gifts and cards that feature hearts and flowers. Our Uncle Goose Flower Blocks are popular gifts this time of year. So are our Valentine Letter Blocks. 

With our Uncle Goose Specialty Letters, customers can custom order their own loving messages, complete with a heart block. And our biggest heart-shaped object of all is the Tombaugh Regio on the planet Pluto. You can find this heart-shaped image on our Pluto Planet Tile and Pluto Planet Roller. Pluto also dwells on our much-loved Planet Blocks.

Valentine Letter Block

But if you want to go even deeper and weirder to find hearts to give as a Valentine’s Day gift, look no further than our Ocean Blocks or our Cubelings Sea blocks. Both of these sets feature a creature that has not one, but three hearts.

Which creature is it? Well, it has eight arms, so why not three hearts?

Cubelings Sea Blocks Octopus

That’s right. The octopus has three hearts.

What a loving creature it must be! Eight arms to hold you with, and three hearts to love you!

Well, actually, an octopus uses two of the hearts to pump its oily blue blood to its gills. The third heart pumps blood to the rest of its squishy, boneless body.

You can find octopi in every ocean on Earth. They’re in the shallowest coral reefs and the deepest seas.

Uncle Goose Ocean Blocks

You can also find the beloved eight-legged, three-hearted wonder on our Ocean Blocks and Cubelings Sea Blocks. So if you really want to do something off-beat for Valentine’s Day, forget the gift of the Magi.

Give the gift of the octopi!