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Uncle Goose Merry Maker Blocks

What makes it OK to take time off to play?

Your Uncle Goose takes the week off from December 24-January 2. After handcrafting and packaging toys all year, we deserve some time off!

Here are three factors that makes us feel good about taking time off from work:

1. We know that taking time off to relax and play is great for creativity and innovation. When we come back in 2020, we’ll feel refreshed and energized. We know we’ll have some exciting new products to announce shortly after we come back.

2. We enjoy a sense of accomplishment. We created fun new toys this year: Moon Phase Blocks, Gosling Square Building Blocks, Merry Makers, Gaggle Grousers, and Mod ABC Blocks. We also created our new Upscale Orange Storage Box, and re-launched our website.

Gaggle Grouser Blocks - Honk if you love Uncle Goose!

The Gaggle Grousers serve as the Uncle Goose paean to onomatopoeia

3. We feel good knowing that horses will be using our wood curls for bedding. And that our wood salvage is used to heat homes. Although our toy making process produces little waste, we re-purpose or recycle whatever we can.

Cubelings Farm

Horses use our wood curls for bedding.

In short: playing hard, working hard, and doing right by our customers and the environment lets us feel good about what we do. It’s a feeling that keeps us warm and cozy during the cold winter months to come.

Enjoy your holidays. We’ll be back to start a whole new decade of fun in 2020.