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Uncle Goose Groovy Ghoulie Blocks

Waaaay cool! SUPER EXCITED about emotional typography!

You express emotions with more than the mere words you type or text. You express emotions with the way you choose to type your words. That’s the essence of emotional typography.

For years, you’ve seen emotional typography in formal writing. For example, using italics or bold can mean the writer wants to add emotional emphasis.

Headlines will be larger and bolder to attract attention. Publishers will display words in different colors and font types. Those are just some of the ways we see emotional typography in formal writing.

But we also use emotional typography in our informal writing. Look at the way you’ve typed some of your texts to friends and family.

Take these three phrases:

2. Super excited.
3. super excited :(

All three use the same words, but each expresses a different emotion. Which one conveys the most excitement?

Number one, obvs. Using ALL CAPS generally expresses a strong emotion. And those three exclamation points? That’s far more exciting than one!

Number two seems formal and awkward. It starts with a capital letter, as if it’s a corporate press release. By adding a period at the end, it even seems a little hostile or indifferent.

And number three is just plain sarcastic. All lower case letter and adding a sad face emoticon? That’s the exact opposite of feeling super excited!

Lengthening words is another way we can intensify the expression of our words. Note the difference in emotional tone in these two examples:

1. waaaaay cool
2. way cool

Or sometimes, we can even create space between letters to convey emotions. Consider these two examples:

1. This toy is ~~t o t a l l y~~ new
2. These toy is totally new

Same words: different typography. And a ~~t o t a l l y~~ different emotional tone with the spacing and the addition of tildes! With the up and down of the tilde, you can hear your inner voice rising and falling in pitch as you pronounce the word each tilde embraces.

And of course, we can use more than punctuation, spacing, lengthening, emoticons and capitals to express emotions in our informal texts. We can also use emoji.

1. Can’t decide if ghosts, skeletons, black cats, and Jack O’Lanterns are scary or funny 🤔
2. Can’t decide if ghosts, skeletons, black cats, and Jack O’Lanterns are scary or funny 👻

At this point, you may have guessed that this post has been something of a tease. That’s because we’re SUPER EXCITED!

In October 2020, your Uncle Goose will have a waaaaaay cool new Halloween-themed product to show you. This crazy thing is ~~t o t a l l y~~ new. There's nothing else like it. 

Introducing the Groovy Ghoulie Blocks by Uncle Goose! In this 26-piece Halloween-themed set, you’ll find:

  • Ghosts, bats, cats
  • Pumpkins and tombstones
  • Skeletons and tentacles
  • Eyeballs and eyebrows
  • Crazy grins and flapping wings
  • Tombstones and cross bones

You've played peekaboo -- now play with eeek! and BOO! Order your Groovy Ghoulie Blocks today!