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Uncle Goose French Blocks

Uncle Goose Replacement Blocks and Rules of Etiquette

Uncle Goose offers replacement blocks. At a mere $2 plus shipping, replacement blocks are an easy way to repair -- or supplement -- a block set.

Why do we offer replacement blocks? Because accidents happen. And we also know you may wish to supplement a set you already own and love.

Perhaps you’ll need a few more letters to spell a special word or name. Consider the word ETIQUETTE, for example. Etiquette is an odd word.

It has 9 letters. But that’s not all that makes ETIQUETTE odd.

Consider this: two-thirds of the letters are either an E or a T. That's three E’s and three T’s.

That makes ETIQUETTE an impossible word to spell with one set of Uncle Goose French Blocks. While this block set has more than 3 E’s — it doesn’t contain the necessary 3 T’s.

If you want to spell etiquette - you’re going to need an extra T. You’ll want to order a replacement block to supplement your set.

french blocks

At $2 plus shipping — replacing a block or supplementing your set with a few extra letters is affordable. And we’re pleased to reveal that no one has ever taken advantage of our replacement block program.

For example, many of our nine-block sets are reasonably priced at $22. If someone wanted to violate the spirit of the replacement program - they could try to order all 9 blocks for 18 dollars plus shipping.

But it’s never happened, and it never will. First of all, we wouldn’t let it happen! And secondly, our customers all behave with that fun word — etiquette.

Uncle Goose customers know how to be courteous. Many write thank you emails for the replacement program. Sometimes, they attach dog-shaming photos with their notes. We appreciate this humor and kindness.

Another great rule of etiquette? Take care of your toys. Put them away when you’re not playing with them. Blocks on the floor are no fun to step on. Consider housing your toys in our 32 block wagon, our 28 block wagon, our canvas bag, or our Upscale Orange Box.

Keep your blocks dry, out of the bathtub, away from the dog, and far from the open flames of your fireplace. When you treat your toys with courtesy and kindness, you may never need to take advantage of the Uncle Goose replacement block program.

Unless, of course, you need to spell etiquette.