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Uncle Goose Dinosaur Blocks

Toys for Boys, Toys for Girls: Why are these two separate things?

When reviewing search engine results, your Uncle Goose was alarmed by two popular searches. One was “toys for boys” and the other was “toys for girls”. 

This made us wonder, “What’s the difference?” And why do people insist upon bringing the battle of the sexes to innocent childhood toys?

It’s 2019. People still seem to believe there need to be separate toys for boys and toys for girls.

Your Uncle Goose doesn’t.

When we learn to play well together, we learn to work well together. We grow stronger communities. We learn to respect the contributions of other people.

Enough with the separations.

A boy can have fun building a moon colony with toy blocks. So can a girl.

A girl can appreciate subtle colors and intricate patterns. So can a boy.

A boy can enjoy building a centipede with insect blocks. So can a girl.

A girl can build a doll house with flower blocks. So can a boy.

And most importantly, boys and girls can learn to cooperate and play nicely with each other. 

Conversation starter: What can you do to help people realize that toys don’t have to gendered?