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Uncle Goose Nautical Blocks

Top 6 Reasons to order Uncle Goose blocks in November...

It happens every year. We flip our calendars from October to November, and boom!

Demand for wooden toys skyrockets. The elves in the Uncle Goose toyshop roll up their sleeves.

But why order in November? Why not wait until the last possible minute?

Reason #1: You’ll want to decorate for the holidays.

Consider our latest design: the Merry Maker blocks. Three tall blocks feature a Mary Blair Santa illustration. In one, you'll see Santa playing a drum. In another, you'll see him playing a triangle. The third Santa blows his own horn. Enjoy the debossed snowflake and star designs on opposing sides of each Santa block. You can spell "Ho, Ho, Ho" with six red and green debossed blocks featuring hand-printed illustrations on opposite sides.

Merry Makers Blocks

Reason #2: Spelling Chanukkah can be challenging. 

Is it Hanukah? Or is it Chanukkah? Or Hanukkah? No matter how you choose to spell it, Uncle Goose has got you covered. Fourteen blue and gold rectangular blocks spell out "Happy Chanukkah" in a hand drawn font. If you want to remove a C and a K, go right ahead. Or flip the blocks around to reveal the Star of David pattern. Totally up to you.


Reason #3: You’ll want to up your decoration game.

Decorate with heirloom quality, hand-painted blocks that you’ll want to display year after year. Spell MERRY CHRISTMAS with 14 red and green rectangular blocks. Feel the embossed ornaments on the sides of each block. Enjoy the jolly Uncle Goose typeface. Festive fun for any room.

Merry Christmas Blocks

Reason #4: Explore new gift wrap options.

Select one of our 2 new custom-printed gift wrap designs. Pair it with one of 5 original Uncle Goose premium printed cards. Tell us what you want your card to say, and we’ll do all the work of wrapping and writing out your custom message on the card of your choice. Our distinctive gift wrapping will look great under any tree.

custom-printed gift wrap designs

Reason #5: Blocks make great gifts for young and old.

Small sets make great stocking-stuffers. Large sets delight and impress. And you can feel good knowing that all Uncle Goose toys and decorations are 100% made in the USA from fast-growing, sustainable basswood. 

Nautical Blocks

Reason #6: Avoid last-minute shipping delays.
Even though we’re fully stocked and ready to rock out your order: please consider factors outside our control. Sometimes, shipping services get slammed during the holiday season. Or inclement weather might delay your order. When you order early, you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that your holiday gifts and decorations will arrive in time for you to celebrate in style.

Upscale Orange Box

At Uncle Goose, we’re prepared for the brisk holiday season. We’re staffed and ready to wrap and ship your orders.

And remember, when you bundle up your order so that it’s over $75, we include free shipping. As long as you're ordering decorations, you might as well pile on some gifts and saving on shipping. Further, you'll enjoy knowing that all your holiday shopping is complete. You can rest easy. 

It’s November: we’re ready to shake our tail feathers. How about you? Are you ready for the brisk holiday season?