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Uncle Goose Gift Wrap

Three factors that make Uncle Goose gift wrapping extra special

At Uncle Goose, we're good with our hands. This isn’t much of a surprise: after all, we handcraft and hand manufacture all our blocks and toys.

And now, we're putting the same care and creativity into wrapping the gifts you buy from Uncle Goose. We started offering our new gift wrapping services this summer.

Our gift wrapping option has proved to be especially popular during the holiday season. Yes, having us wrap your holiday presents is certainly easier than doing it yourself!

But here are three more extra-special reasons to let Uncle Goose wrap your presents all year round:

  1. Our exclusive Uncle Goose design. Your gift wrapping paper and card won’t look like any other. That’s because we designed our gift wrap and cards in-house.
  2. The meticulous attention to detail. The lush gift wrap paper is milled in the USA. We special order the inks, and closely inspect the printing accuracy. 
  3. We hand write your message. A skilled artisan carefully writes your note on the card of your choice. Real handwriting adds a highly personal touch to your gift.

Beyond the holidays, we’ll continue to wrap your Uncle Goose presents for birthdays, baby showers, and other celebrations. When you can’t do it yourself - let the talented hands at Uncle Goose wrap your gift and write your note.

We’ll even put a bow on it!