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Teach Environmental Stewardship with Wooden Toys 

Teach Environmental Stewardship with Wooden Toys 

Whoo, it's hot! And it's not just because it's summertime.

The world is getting hotter. We keep breaking records for "the hottest day ever in recorded history."

No one wants this warming trend to escalate, though. We all want to help co-create a cooler future. And this starts by having conversations about environmental stewardship.

If you let them, your Uncle Goose wooden toys can aid these conversations. Why not let your blocks serve as ambassadors for passing on your environmentalist values?

Desert Environments Block Puzzle by Uncle Goose

Spark Conversations about Sustainability. Set up a recycling bin near your toy area. Ask children to sort their toys into recyclable and non-recyclable categories. Use your blocks to introduce concepts like recycling, conservation, and renewable energy. Blocks can inspire children to make more thoughtful choices about their toys.
Uncle Goose Alphablanks Blocks with Crate

Longevity and Durability. How old are your toys? Sort them from oldest to newest. In a throwaway culture, wooden toys remind us of the beauty of longevity. We build Uncle Goose toys to last. You can pass them down from generation to generation. Investing in heirloom toys teaches children the value of cherishing and caring for the things they love.

Old Uncle Goose Nursery Rhyme blocks

A Connection to Nature. Smell your toys! Wooden toys connect children to the natural world. The texture, scent, and warmth of wood create a sensory experience that resonates deeply. By fostering this connection, we nurture a love for nature. This can grow into a sense of responsibility for its preservation.

Neighborhood Environments Block Puzzle by Uncle Goose Recycled Wood

The Wonder of Midwestern Wood. Uncle Goose blocks are 100% made in the USA from fast-growing Midwestern basswood. We recycle our wood chips to create new & innovative toy lines like CHIPS and Environments. And did you know? We use our leftover wood curls for animal bedding.
Sacks of Curls

Uncle Goose Toys are a more sustainable alternative to a polluted sea of plastic toy choices. When you play with wooden toys, you instill values of environmental responsibility. You're teaching children the importance of making choices that positively impact our planet.

Sustainable play isn't just about the toys themselves. It's about the values you pass on to the next generation. We can build a greener, brighter future, one wooden toy at a time!