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Uncle Goose Auto Rollers

Introducing: Auto Rollers - Rollin' Fun for Little Ones!

Buckle up, baby! It's time to hit the road with our latest toy collection: Auto Rollers! These wooden push toys are here to rev up your toddler's imagination and motor skills, all while providing a rollin' good time!

blue car roller push toy

Blue Car Wooden Push Toy
Cruise into Adventure!

Hop into the driver's seat of the Blue Car Wooden Push Toy and get ready for a wild ride! Complete with a cool luggage rack on top, this snazzy blue car lets you pretend you're off on an epic road trip adventure.

Blue Truck Push Toy 

Blue Flatbed Truck Wooden Push Toy
Haulin' and Rollin'!

What's that rumbling sound? It's the Blue Truck Wooden Push Toy, hauling fun and excitement wherever it goes! Watch as your little one works on their gross motor skills while steering this sturdy blue truck around.

Teal Pickup Truck Wooden Push Toy

Teal Pickup Truck Wooden Push Toy
Rollin' in Style!

Rev up the fun with the Teal  Pickup Wooden Push Toy! Featuring four maple wheels and a whole truckload of charm, this green truck is ready to hit the road for endless playtime adventures.

Red Van Push Toy

Red Van Wooden Push Toy
Van-tastic Adventures Ahead!

Zoom around in style with the Red Van Wooden Push Toy! Sturdy and reliable, this dependable red van is wonderful for little drivers who love to explore and go vroom-vroom all around the house.

yellow taxi push toy

Yellow Taxi Wooden Push Toy
Taxi! Taxi! Let's Go for a Ride!

All hail the Yellow Taxi Wooden Push Toy! Pretend to be a big-city driver as you cruise around, picking up passengers and exploring new destinations.

Each Auto Roller toy is 100% Made in the USA from hard maple. We recommend them for children 3 and up. We sell each separately.

So, buckle up and get ready to roll with the Auto Rollers collection! Every Road Roller journey is a delightful adventure in learning and fun!