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How to Slay a Cliché - Animal Edition

A cliché is an overused phrase. Speaking or writing clichés can be a problem. Because they’re repeated so often, clichés become uninteresting or predictable.

For example, saying you’re “as hungry as a horse” might sound funny or weird the first time people hear it. But after they hear it a few dozen times, it doesn’t make much of an impact. It gets old and boring.

That’s why those who want to express themselves with originality tend to avoid clichés. Creative people want to delight others by coming up with something new and fresh.

You might try saying you’re as hungry as a hummingbird, instead. That might catch someone’s attention! After all, hummingbirds are notoriously ravenous. Plus, it has that same, fun alliterative quality as horse.

It can be a fun game to put your own unique twist on a variety of clichés. You might be surprised to learn that many clichés are animal-related. How else might you re-phrase common animal-related clichés like these?

1. Fish Related: Happy as a Clam, Fish out of Water, a Fine Kettle of Fish, Slippery as an Eel

2. Bird-Related: Proud as a Peacock, Happy as a Lark, Like a Duck to Water, a Wild Goose Chase, Quitting Cold Turkey, Ugly Duckling

Bird Blocks

3. Pet Related: Let the Cat Out of the Bag, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Quiet as a Mouse, Going Down the Rabbit Hole

Pet Cubelings

4. Insect Related: Busy as a Bee, Floats like a Butterfly, Ants in your Pants, Fly on the Wall

Insect Blocks Bug
5. Farm Related: Stubborn as a Mule, Bull in a China Shop, Make a Pig of Yourself, a Cash Cow

Farm Cubelings

6. Jungle Related: If it was a snake it would have bit you, more fun than a barrel of monkeys, a leopard can't change its spots

Jungle Cubelings

What other common clichés do you know? How can you re-imagine and re-phrase them?

Put your mind to work at it. You can come up with your own, creative, and fun new phrases!