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Uncle Goose ABC Blocks

How NOT to plan an Easter Egg Hunt

In 2018, Rod Failpolosay* decided to host a backyard Easter egg hunt for his daughters Laura (5) and Mary (8). After tucking the girls in bed, Rod scattered foil-covered chocolate eggs in the backyard. He figured his daughters would find them on Easter morning.

But when they woke up, Rod and his daughters found 3 raccoons in the backyard. The mama raccoon (Sheila) and her two cubs (Rocky and Rascal) were eating the candy. Worse: Sheila, Rocky, and Rascal stayed in the backyard for almost a month.

“I think the 3 raccoons were hoping my evening candy delivery was going to be a new service I’d be providing,” joked Rod. “But Easter wasn’t totally ruined. I had backup candy. And the girls enjoyed naming the raccoons.”

The next year, Rod swore he’d do better job planning an Easter Egg hunt. While the girls slept, Rod took 32 Uncle Goose ABC blocks and scattered them in the backyard.

abc blocks with wagon

“My plan was for the girls to go find their blocks and put them in their Easter baskets,” said Rod. “They’d bring the blocks in, and I’d exchange each one for a chocolate egg or a jelly bean. Then, we’d put the blocks back in their wagon.”

Rod correctly reasoned that wild animals wouldn’t be interested in eating the blocks. However, Rod didn’t count on morning dew. Some of the blocks he left on the ground got wet.

“The blocks I put on the stones and brickwork were fine,” said Rod. “But the ones on the ground were pretty soaked. A few even had dirt and mud on them. I don’t know how that happened, but it did.”

In particular, Rod’s daughter Laura was upset about the dirt on the block that featured a lion. It's her favorite animal. But Rod told her the lion would be OK.

“I read on the Uncle Goose website that I could clean the blocks with a damp cloth and mild detergent, so I did,” said Rod. “The stains came out fine, but the blocks were even wetter, of course.”

Rod regrets his attempts to dry the blocks. He bungled it badly. 

“I should never have put the blocks in the oven,” he lamented. “I put them in the dryer first; but they made a lot of noise. I really should have left them on the counter to dry.”

After putting the blocks in the oven, Rod and his daughters ate cereal and watched cartoons. When they got back home from church a few hours later, Rod remembered he had left the blocks in the oven.

“What can I say?” said Rod. “I’m glad you have that replacement block program. Not just for the blocks I ruined in the oven; but there’s still one block missing. I honestly don’t know what happened to the one with the duck on it. It’s got to be in the backyard somewhere, if I didn’t run over it with the mower in the summer. I think I hid that one a little too well.”

In 2020, Rod decided to hide chocolate eggs and jelly beans inside his house. He claims that in spite of the pandemic, it was his most successful Easter Egg hunt thus far.

Happy Easter Letter Blocks


What can we all learn from this tragic tale with a happy ending? Six things:

1. Don’t put food outside overnight. Wild animals might find it.
2. Don’t leave toys on the ground overnight. They’ll get wet and dirty.
3. Clean blocks with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Let the blocks air dry.
4. Do not put blocks in the oven or dryer. We repeat: let them air dry!!!
5. Put away your toys when you’re finished playing with them.
6. Uncle Goose offers replacement blocks. Because people make mistakes.

If you have a wacky story you’d like to share with us about your Uncle Goose blocks, we’d love to hear it! Bonus points for pictures or video.


*Rod Failpolosay* is not our customer’s real name. Your Uncle Goose asked Rod if we could share his story on our blog. He said sure, but to protect his identity. We used the real names his daughters gave the raccoons, though.

Also, Rod’s name is an anagram for April Fools’ Day. Happy April 1 and Happy Easter!