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Uncle Goose Merry Christmas Letters

How Decorating for the Holidays Helps Children Learn

As you decorate your home for the holidays, children need to be involved. They like to hang ornaments, string up lights, wrap packages, and place meaningful holiday objects around the home.

Think of all children learn while decorating! They’re creating a new environment by experimenting with design, color, light, and placement.

Merry Maker Blocks

This can lead to all sorts of interesting discussions and questions:

  • Where do we put this ornament?
  • Why does it work there? And why doesn’t it work there?
  • Do you know the cultural importance of that object? Let me tell you!
  • How do these colors work with the other colors that surround it?
  • How do we group objects together? By color? By shape? Or something else?
  • Do we need more light? Why?
  • Who moved that elf? What’s it doing there???

As adults, we might think of holiday decorating as “just fun” or even “more work!” But a whole lot of learning takes place through the magic of decorating.

Aside from asking questions, the holidays give us opportunities to share stories and pass on traditions. And one tradition that can get passed down from generation to generation are Uncle Goose blocks.

Your Uncle Goose is happy to be a part of your family’s holiday decor. For December, we offer three holiday-themed decorations:

1. Uncle Goose Merry Christmas Letter Blocks

Merry Christmas Letter Blocks

Spell MERRY CHRISTMAS with 14 red and green rectangular blocks. Enjoy the jolly Uncle Goose typeface. Festive fun for any room.

2. Uncle Goose Happy Hanukkah Letter Blocks

Happy Chanukkah Letter Blocks

Spell HAPPY CHANUKKAH with 14 blue and gold rectangular blocks. Enjoy the embossed Star of David pattern on the sides of the blocks.

3. Uncle Goose Merry Maker Blocks

Three tall blocks feature Santa illustrations. In one, you'll see Santa playing a drum. In another, you'll see him playing a triangle. The third Santa blows his own horn. Spell "Ho, Ho, Ho" with six red and green blocks featuring hand-printed illustrations on opposite sides.

Happy Holiday decorating with Uncle Goose!