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Uncle Goose Sight Word Blocks

How Can Young Children Learn with Sight Words?

Over the past four months, your Uncle Goose has seen an uptick in the sale of our Sight Words Blocks. Traditionally, it’s not one of our top sellers, but let’s face it: 2020 is an unusual year.

We suspect the reason these blocks received a surge in popularity is because more children aged 5-7 are at home this year. Parents are looking for teaching and learning resources. Sight Words Blocks fit that need.

The Uncle Goose Sight Words Blocks represent a synthesis of education and entertainment. Children and adults can both enjoy the modern colors, the familiar notebook pattern, and the hand-drawn typeface. 

But what are Sight Words? And why might Uncle Goose Sight Words Blocks be popular for youth reading lessons right now?

Sight Words Blocks

Sight words are common English words that show up often in written work. And many times, these words are difficult for young learners to spell or sound out. Children need to learn to recognize these words “by sight.”

Think of words like what, who, his, how, you, I, our, and they. Or father, mother, brother, and sister.

These are common words. You learn to read them by repeatedly looking at them, rather than by sounding them out.

Uncle Goose Sight Words Blocks are fun because they provide a catalyst for social interaction. Unlike words written on a page, players and learners can manipulate the blocks to form sentences and phrases. It’s interactive and exciting for young learners to move words into sentences.

Uncle Goose Sight Words Blocks

Even adults like putting words together to form fun phrases. They enjoy working with their children to see them read and string the words together. Sight Words Blocks can make learning a fun and playful experience.

And when adults are called away, children enjoy stacking and sorting the blocks. Building structures and sentences is an act of creation that brings joy and meaning.

The Uncle Goose Sight Words Blocks can help children learn 168 words by sight. And when you aren’t playing with your blocks: what funny messages might they reveal when you put them away?