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Uncle Goose Chips - Collective Nouns

Heads Up! Wood is Getting Harder to Source

For the time being, your Uncle Goose won’t be offering our 28 block and 32 block wagons as stand-alone items. At this time, we need to dedicate our wood stock to making blocks and block/wagon/tray combo sets.

What? Why?

Well, it’s probably a cliché to say “supply chain issues” - but here we are. Your Uncle Goose has decided to use every bit of basswood we can to make our core product: blocks and block combo sets.

Lumber was already getting harder to source. And now that America isn’t getting wood from Russia, more companies are buying up American wood. This not only makes US lumber scarcer, it drives up costs.

Your Uncle Goose is definitely feeling the pinch! We’re hanging in there, and being our usual scrappy selves. But please don’t be surprised if we have to raise prices again: really soon.

The situation is fluid. Here’s what we’re doing right now:

1. We plan to use the wood chips we generate from our block-making process to create a new toy. These toys have the code name CHIPS. We’re still putting the final touches on CHIPS. We’ll have more news on them soon.

2. We’ll have to figure out new pricing for our products. You’ll know the details as soon as we do!

3. We’re searching for new US lumber suppliers and lumber options. That’s not going to be easy. But we’re doing our best.

But what can YOU do as you look for block storage options?

1. Consider Uncle Goose Canvas Bags. We offer the handsome Uncle Goose Canvas Bag as a stand alone item. You can also purchase a combo set of Classic ABC Blocks with the Canvas Bag. 

Uncle Goose ABC Blocks with Canvas Bag

2. Go big with the Uncle Goose Legacy ABC Blocks with Maple Box.
For a limited time, we have maple wood in stock to craft these highly treasured boxes.

Legacy ABC Blocks with Maple Box

3. Check out the Uncle Goose Alphablank Blocks with Crate.
Alphablanks make popular baby shower gifts. Party-goers enjoy decorating their own blocks to give to expectant parents.

AlphaBlank Blocks with Crate

4. Don’t forget the cheerful Upscale Orange Box!
This is our most affordable option. You can stack and store up to 32 blocks in this deluxe chipboard box. 

Upscale Orange Box

5. Buy these 6 sets that come with trays: Classic ABC Blocks with Wagon, Constellation Blocks with Basswood Tray, Women Who Dared, Greek Mythology, State of Sound, and Zodiac.

classic ABC Blocks with Wagon

6. Go to Sea. Our Uncle Goose Nautical Blocks come with a canvas bag. The bag features an anchor instead of the Uncle Goose logo. This popular option contains an entire alphabet with a nautical theme. 

Nautical Blocks with Canvas Bag

As soon as we have more storage and display options for you, we’ll let you know. Thanks for your support and patronage!