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From Woodlands to Wonderlands: Introducing Storybook Stackers

From Woodlands to Wonderlands: Introducing Storybook Stackers

It's a new day for children who love stories and storytelling! The curtain rises on the dazzling Storybook Stackers. This spellbinding set acts as a colorful backdrop to the imagination of young minds.

Storybook Stackers lets children get hands-on with their storytelling skills. This captivating set, crafted from 53 basswood chips, sets the stage for any number of dramas. Every chip in the Storybook Stackers collection lends a harmonious tale of shapes and hues.

Storybook Stackers by Uncle Goose

These blue, gold, teal, and purple chips come alive with enchanting images on opposing sides. Stars, triangles, flags, arches, circles, domes, and diamonds await the touch of young builders. What worlds will they create, one chip at a time?

Let this set provide the setting for a young storyteller's epic tales. With 11 rectangular chips and 42 square chips, Storybook Stackers invites drama, creativity, and exploration. At the same time, young fingers work on developing fine motor skills.

Storybook Stackers Uncle Goose

Build soaring towers that touch the sky. Or craft secret chambers where fairy tales unfold. These chips empower children to dream, design, and discover.

Your Uncle Goose created this toy from Midwestern basswood that we recycle from our block-making process. Meticulously painted and 100% Made in the USA, this set is more than a toy. It's a commitment to nature's beauty and American ingenuity.

Will this new toy serve as set pieces for a drama featuring Barbie and Ken? Or will you use them to erect a circus tent where magical teddy bears make humans dance for their amusement?

It's all up to you and your imagination! Get your storytelling juices flowing with the colorful Storybook Stackers!