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Chase Away the Winter Blues with Color, Creativity, and Community!

With its short days and long nights, winter can feel like a never-ending saga of icy monotony. And here in Michigan, it's been gray, dark, and cold. So, what's the antidote for the winter blues?

Try color, creativity, and community! Choose activities that add color to your life. And as you add color, why not make it a creative and collaborative experience? Here's how:

1. Artistic Elevation: Hang it All!

Blank walls silently scream for a splash of vibrancy. You don't have to pick trendy, fashionable, or tasteful paintings, either. You do you! Hang colorful artwork that makes you happy. You might feel ambitious and add a gallery wall to showcase all your favorite works of art. Or you can pick a single masterpiece to steal the spotlight. Photos of family and friends can brighten the darkest days. And, of course, children's artwork is for more than just the fridge! Think of how special a child will feel when one of their colorful drawings makes it to your living room or office art gallery! Honestly, if a piece of art or photo makes you smile, you hung the right piece for your winter space.

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2. Blooms and Blossoms: Plants Make Everything Better!

Plants, trees, and flowers are the MVPs of color therapy. Not only do they add a burst of natural beauty, but they also work wonders for your mood. You can plant low-maintenance green pals like succulents. Or go all out with cut flowers like tulips and roses. You can grow an herb garden in your kitchen or put pots of plants on your desk. As an added bonus, plants, trees, and flowers help purify your air and keep the winter blues at bay.

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3. Color Magic: "Bee" Collaborative!

At this point, we're a little burned out on the DIY scene. We may have been cooped up indoors a little too long. Who knows? But we got to thinking: Why "Do It Yourself" when you can "Do It Together?" Think of quilting bees, where people join together to create something beautiful. Gather your children, friends, and family to create collaborative art pieces that add zip to your decor. It could be wall art, like a quilt or painting. Or maybe you'll focus on three-dimensional displays like sculptures or centerpieces. Working on jigsaw puzzles and coloring pages are two time-tested, easy collaborative art projects that children and adults enjoy. It's not just about the craft and color; the shared joy of creating together can lift your mood.

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Winter might be chill, but your space doesn't have to be cold and uninviting. Let your collaborative and creative colors shine!